fee and alive! It was simply wonderful to be naked

It felt great… hence
Cozy I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so nice to swim without an suit I adored that
experience and wanted to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other naturist
Shores; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and
San Onfre is nice, its
I went
to faculty in Santa Barbra and I found More
Mesa. This is an excellent beach!
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Signals for models desired for art class.
and posed nude for the art class.
for me and it was fun. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own way. My mother noticed
the test from the art school and asked me about it
in front of the family.
all merely laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
Weren’t offended or mad or anything so it was trendy.
Since that time, I have been to
two fkk resorts in CA. I had a really pleasant time in
both resorts. The people there were really friendly and
made me feel welcome there. It was quite relaxing and
fun to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting awesome folks etc. Most of the individuals were older
(30’s-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy
though to see all the young people involved with
nudism in this group.
Today I go naked in my room
Nearly consistently. In addition , I go nude at the local nudist
Shore (Haulover). This is my favored naturist beach.
Its very simple to get to, there are folks of all
ages, and they sell drinks and hot dogs on the plage
weather. I love going nude whenever possible, its
very comfy, feels great and life is more interesting in
the bare!
Allow me to start of by providing you with a little info about
myself. I’m 26 years old and now living in
Aventura, Florida. I have been going bare since I was
17 or so. Besides nudism I also enjoy playing pool,
listening to all kinds of music (except country and
gangsta rap), working with computers, and speaking
about autos. Now I Will get into how I got started as a
I was 17 when I first became
Inquisitive about how it felt like to be naked in my
When I was 18 a senior in high
school I was on the cross country team. We ran about
a mile or so from a nude beach (Blacks). Folks joked
about running there, but no one really did.
One day on a run by myself I ran
made it there and viewed the bare folks. At this point
I was inquisitive concerning what it was like to be bare on
the shore, why these people did it. I ran to a variety
of isolated part of the plage (only a few individuals
around me and weren’t that close.)

I then was relaxed and comfy enough to say to
my self I want to get bare and see what it feels
So off came my shorts and
Knickers! I sat there nude for a min. or two then
stood up. nudism move will never forget that moment. What I felt
I can only describe as the most wonderful sense of
Independence I have ever felt in my whole life! I felt so
fee and alive! It was simply awesome to be nude
outside in the fresh air and sun! It felt amazing… hence
Comfy I subsequently ran into the ocean and swam. It
felt so fine to swim without an suit I adored that
Encounter and needed to do it again.
After that I went back to blacks
several more times. Additionally , I went to other nudist
beaches; San Onfre, (45 min north of blacks), and
More Mesa in Santa Barbra. San Onfre is fine, its
more secluded than blacks with less gawkers. I went
to faculty in Santa Barbra and I discovered More
Mesa. This is a great beach! Verry private and
secluded. I went to UCSB in Santa Barbra and saw
Indications for models needed for art class. I signed up
and posed naked for the art class. It was no big deal
for me and it was fun. It was neat to see how each
artist painted me in their own way. My mom found
the test from the art school and asked me about it

all just laughed and gave me a hard time about it but
Weren’t offended or upset or anything so it was trendy.
Since that time, I ‘ve been to
two fkk resorts in CA. I had a really fine time in
both resorts. The folks there were really friendly and
made me feel welcome there. It was quite relaxing and
nudist family sex videos to spend the day nude swimming, eating, sunning,
meeting fresh people etc. Most of the people were old
(30’s-60;s) but I enjoyed myself anyway. Its trendy
However to see all the young people involved with
Nowadays I go naked in my room
Virtually always. In addition , I go bare at the local nudist
Plage (Haulover). This is my favored naturist beach.
Its very easy to get to, there are folks of all
ages, and they sell beverages and hot dogs on the plage


Self-acceptance, and relations with peers, parents, and other adults, antisocial behaviour,

and material use were all measured using subscales created for the UCLA Teen
Increase study (cf. Huba and Bentler, 1982; Newcomb et al., 1983). In the case of
Self acceptance and relations with peers, parents, and other adults, the participants were
Likert scale anchored by 1 (the response on the left is accurate for sure) and 5 (the response on
the right is true for sure). The diverse course of answer choices was counterbalanced.
Participants were requested to circle the number that best described “the way you’re most of
the time.” Each subscale consisted of four things.
In the case of antisocial behavior, participants were asked how many times over the
previous 6 months they’d engaged in various specific cases of fiddling or felony larceny,
In the case of material use, participants were first
asked how many times over the previous 6 months they had used a wide assortment of
nonprescription, prescription, and illicit materials. They were also asked how many
times over the preceding 6 months they were involved in accidents while using these
Quality of sexual relationships, encounters of pregnancy and STD, and suicidal ideation
were addressed using face-valid, FLS self-report measures. Suicidal ideation was
measured in binary fashion by just one item asking whether the participant had
contemplated suicide during the preceding 6 months. Regarding STD transmission and
pregnancy, the participants were asked whether the event occurred in the previous 6 months,
and, if it occurred, whether it was experienced as positive or negative. Participants were
also asked to rate the effect that the event had on their life using a four-column format (no
effect, some effect, moderate effect, and great effect). Quality of sexual relationships was
addressed by items asking whether the teen had fallen deeply in love, started dating
A brand new boyfriend/girlfriend, or broken up with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
The correlations among the predictor variables appear in Table I. To reduce the overall
number and redundancy of the analyses, the drug use (excluding alcohol and tobacco) and
“antisocial behaviour” items were subjected to separate principal components analyses
The number of factors was determined by the eigenvalue [greater
than] 1.0 rule and assessment of the Scree plots. As the aim of the process was data
Decrease, the problem of whether the resultant factors were substantively interpretable was
secondary. The created factor scores were then used as outcome measures signifying
drug use and antisocial behavior.

Each of the constant outcome measures was subjected to a conventional multiple regression
Investigation. The model included the predictors indicated above and cute girls on the beach for
Primal Scene Exposure x Sex and Nudity x Sex.
regression was utilized.
Because this study involved the evaluation of a high number of outcomes, we decided
OMITTED] mandatory. The Bonferroni method (using the amount of regressions)
specified a critical p value of .0017. Nevertheless, it was determined that this was maybe also
conservative as the outcomes aren’t for the most part independent. Thus, we chosen p =
Coefficients significant at 0.0025 [less than] p [less than] 0.05
were considered as tendencies just.
The primary elements analyses afforded five drug-use variables (72% clarified
Variability) and four antisocial behavior factors (58% explained variance). The drug-use
Variables are consequently referred to as Hard Drugs – highest loading items: (i) Sedatives, minor
major tranquilizers, other psychedelics, inhalants; (iv) Amyl nitrate, amphetamines, other
narcotics; and (v) Heroin, barbiturates, cocaine, inhalants. The anti-social behaviour
variables are consequently labeled Anti-Social behavior: theft, vandalism, felonies, and fighting.
Due to the extremely low dropout rate almost all matters provided outcome data. As such,
the ns for each investigation range only from 181 to 189. In general, we deemed the data
Proper for multiple regression; no serious breaches of the assumption of the approach
were obvious. The inclusion of the interaction terms did reduce endurance but not to an
unacceptable amount.
in Table III.
Frequencies for exposure to the main predictor variables are as follows: For exposure to
primal pictures, 63 (32%) children were shown (lads n = 34, girls n = 29), w here as 133

that upon learning that his eldest son was Homosexual propelled him into becoming more accepting

of others. Finding it incredibly hard to accept in the beginning, my theme sought counselling and
was capable to overcome the feelings of remorse and failure as a dad. Fortunately, everything
turned out fine. As a matter of fact, my subject declared that he’s the proud grandpa
of another granddaughter.
beach hard on . He said that both of them are great parents and are dedicated to providing the
After interviewing my topic I could easily see why he was so accepting of societal
nudism. For instance, all of his diversion pertained to outdoor sports. Naturists thrive on
outdoor sports where they could appreciate the advantages of fresh air. Also, he was subjected to
nudists throughout the course of his life, therefore, providing for a better understanding of

this lifestyle. Finally, my subject declared that learning that his son was Homosexual really helped
When asked if he’d consider becoming a naturist, my subject stated: “Yes, if my
wife would go, but that would likely be a tough sale.” 4

Interview #5

My ftfth subject was a single male in his early forties who loves boating, baseball,
and the night time club and pub scene.
nudism he readily accepted. My subject stated that he frequently takes his boat to Shell
Isle where groups of people gather to socialize, party, and have fun. Most of the individuals
who go to a specific part of the island, participate in their own social activities while nude. He
even made the opinion that there seems to be a swing club assembly at the isle as
My topic is unquestionably in favor of nude beaches and resorts, nonetheless he declares he
has never seen a nude resort. He feels that everyone should have the freedom to express
themselves as long as they are not offending or hurting others. An intriguing issue my
subject raises is that if there were more nude beaches, perhaps the demand for exotic dancers
and clubs would fall and folks would be less willing to pay for this sort of
Amusement. When asked to clarify that statement he replied the nude beaches are
free, and if folks need to satisfy that need, then have them go to the strand. Yet, he did

say that the sexual aspect of seeing http://nudist-young.com/contributions/beach-nude-erotic.php at the plage drops somewhat, and does
not seem to be as sensual anymore.
Although my subject frequents Shell Island, he did say that he feels the people who
are engaging in open sex, like the “swingers,” are quite superficial people. He feels that in
order for someone to partake in this activity, one must be unable to adore. In requesting him to
clarify this statement he said that if you really love someone, then you really do not want to share
that man with others sexually, yet, if you have no feelings or emotions about a
person, than it would be simple to accept this lifestyle.
After freely letting my topic to discuss his feelings and experiences with social
nudism, I asked him what he thought about the social fkk movement of Naturists. He
Answered that he believes that Naturists have an alternate perspective on life. He mentions that they
Appear to have less hang ups about their bodies, unlike the societal nudists he has been
subjected also, who pride themselves on having the totally fit or “buff bodies.” He feels
that Naturists are people who only enjoy being nude, and that it feels natural to them. When
I asked him if he’d consider becoming a Naturist his reply was, “Yes.” 5

Interview #6

My next issue was a 32 year old married female. She’s a college grad and has
Some of her interests comprise
As a matter of fact, my subject told me that she travels on
the average once a month to see friends together with family, both within the United

When asked to describe her feelings towards social nudism my subject
Said that she doesn’t object to people participating in this lifestyle provided that its in the
beaches and resort areas.
My theme claims she is an extremely open minded man and believes that anyone should be
For the most part she is quite accepting of others
as long as they aren’t causing damage to themselves or anyone else. She feels social nudists
are very comfortable with themselves, and appreciate the company of others who partake in this
lifestyle too. When asked if she would consider becoming a societal naturist her reply was,
Yet, I do envy the individuals who have
high amounts of body acceptance and have the freedom to express themselves.” 6

Interview #7

we must make our way to the rough part of the law,

begging these guys.. . to be serious; and reminding
them that it’s not so long ago that it looked shameful
many among the barbarians-to see guys nude; and
that when the Cretans originated the gymnasiums,
urbane of the time to make a comedyof all that. But, I
suppose, when it becameclear to those who used these
practices that to uncover all such things is better than
to conceal them, then what is ridiculousto the eyes vanished in the light of what is finest …. And this showed
that he is empty who considers anything is silly
Besides the sight of the absurd and the awful; or,
beauty he sets up other than the great …. Afterward the
Girls guardiansmust strip, since they’ll clothethemselves in virtue instead of robes, and they must take
commonpart in war and the remainder of the city’sguarding,
and mustn’t do other things …. And the man who
laughs at naked girls practicing gymnastic for the
Benefit of the greatest, “plucksfrom his wisdom an unripe
fruit for ridicule”and doesn’t know-as it appears-at
For this is definitely the
fairest thing that is said and will be said-the
beneficialis rational and the dangerous awful.85
Besides the distinction between men and girls
in Greek life, and Platonic notions, the passage touches
on several significant features of Greek nudity: its
purpose in education (music, athletic exercises, the art
of war), as a prep for military service; laughter
as a reaction to something embarrassing and black-the sight of a naked woman, as earlier the sight
of a nude man; the adoption of public male nakedness
in regular life as an innovation; and the explanation
of athletic nudity as a useful, rational custom.
Other authors gave a variety of rationalizing explanations for the institution.
the association of the gymnopaidia at Sparta: Lycurgus desired to support in the young men the desire
to wed as soon as possible.86
This rationalizing tendency of the Greeks is clearly


passage in Pausanias, in which he credits the custom of having trainers entering the stadium naked to a
Historic episode. According to this account, a mother
who had disguised herself as her son’s trainer at Olympia became so excited at his success that she bound
over the fence, and thus endangered herself as a woman.
She wasn’t penalized, but a law was passed to make
sure that henceforward only men were admitted.”
Modern scholars have in some instances taken such explanations seriously.88 In contrast to ancient explanations, most modern interpretations, however, have
concentrated on the aesthetic aspect of the happening. This is perhaps natural, since nudity in art is

the picture of the male nude youth, ideally amazing,
Stayed,for generations,the favoritetheme of Greek
artists. Yet http://www.videonudist.com cannot take Greek nudity for allowed.
One can just describe its origin in Greek culture, and
the relationship of fit nudity with the artistic nudity of the kouros, the phallic herm, the satyr, and the
Performer of Old Comedy, by considering the initially religious, ritual, apotropaic reasons for Greek
nudity, which lead us back to its ancient status of
taboo. At a later point in its history, its significance
was understood in a different way. The institution
was transformed, and a distinct set of connotations
developed. This is clear from the evidence of historical
Writers who deal with this custom, as we have seen, in
Conditions of their own historic circumstance.

Maybe we can better understandthe scenario in
Greece by looking at those who didn’t share in this

institutionalizednudity:girls and barbarians.

For women in Greek art, literature, and life, the
tabooagainst nudityremainedin full force,with all its
Awareness of humiliation and exposure as well as its

“Intro”of athletic nudity at Olympia-that it
facilitatedthe athlete’svictory.It is also illustratedin a

magic power.
Archaicperiod, as http://www.nudistclip.com , following
the Near Eastern model of the naked mothergoddess.
After these early figures the image was used for pathetic appeal, for magic or sexual appeal, or for arenas
from the life of a courtesan.89


Near East was still found in Homer’s accounts of the
punishment of Thersites, as we’ve seen. The anxiety of
exposure long remained an powerful hazard for girls.
At Miletus, a decree was passed to deter a rash
killed themselves were threatened with being taken

Firstly, I believe being a nudist/naturist is a self-diagnosed condition. There isn’t any precise check-list of attributes, and I can not describe anyone else that manner unless (s)he makes it obvious. Not too many years ago, any American who got nude for anything other than sex or showers would have been considered a nudist. (For simplicity, I’m sticking to Americans.) but neither they nor I’d necessarily consider them nudists/naturists – they’re just comfortable being naked with other nude people when that is what the occasional situation calls for. (Most Europeans would consider a totally normal and healthy attitude, not deserving of any label. I do too.)

I consider myself a nudist/naturist because the skill to be clothes-free, sky-clad, naked, is important if you ask me. It does not interfere with the fabric segments of my life, but being a naturist/naturist is on the list of characteristics with which I ‘d describe who I am. Will I drive extra miles to get to your nude beach rather than cease at a textile strand? Will I go to a great deal of trouble to get to some location or an occasion where I can feel the spiritual relaxation of being nude with other naked people? Do I find myself believing, in some cloth circumstances, “Gee – it would be fine to be naked”? Will I support any nudist organization or occasion that helps make the point that social nudity is okay? Do I encourage folks to give it a try? Am I conscious of being a fitter and happier person due to the inclusion of social nudity within my life? All these, and more, get “yes.” I don’t think so. Nudism/naturism does not dominate my life – it’s just one significant part of it.
So my own view (which I do not lay on anyone else) is that there is, in fact, more to being a nudist/naturist than merely taking part in, and/or enjoying, unclothed recreation. http://purenudism2017.com is a question of whether or not it is important. How important? I don’t understand. You determine.
Mr. Sandy
John Andersen Unclothed Recreation Advocate:
For many, even the pick of naturist vs naturist carries with it almost a religious fervor and like religion there are as many variants of belief but also many commonalities.
There is also been a lot of discussion around using the word “recreation.” For some, sex is recreational so how does that affect the term “naked diversion”? Aside from the vagaries of the English language I see two parts to your own question. One is, “What does nudism/naturism mean in my experience?” and the other is analogous to asking “If I visit a church/sFKKgogue/temple does that make me an adherent to that specific religion?”.
In my own opinion it is perfectly alright to have a variety of views about what naturism/naturism means, and it’s perfectly ok to only visit without buying into whatever philosophy has been boosted as long as you’ren’t a threat to the community.
I think the question we actually need to grapple with is what defines a menace to the community aside from bad behavior in one’s presence and perhaps that even varies with the local community. We can probably all agree a pedophile signifies a genuine danger, but other features can differ significantly in terms of “risk factor” depending on the common views of the community (as I understand FKK is painfully aware of).
These issues aren’t unique to the naturist community, but are worldwide social problems which brings us full circle to the thought that nudists are just like everybody else, except they often prefer to be without clothing. Probably not, but hopefully it’s food for thought.
Dan, President of the Long Island Travasuns:
I go naked at Lighthouse Beach and at Travasuns events, but I do not think of myself as a naturist or a naturist. That is it.

Young Adult Naturist Assembly At Rock Lodge In New Jersey!

FKK’s Young Naturist Assembly at Rock Lodge in NJ:
Young Adult Nudist Assembly – Mid-July, there is no better time to escape to the countryside for lush green nature and a swim in a refreshingly clean lake, freeing yourself of all clothing and city grime. That’s why Fkk Portal decided to arrange a weekend excursion to Rock Lodge Club found in the woods of northern NJ. The weather was excellent with plenty of sunshine and hot temperatures. A little fkk group of FKK’ers arrived Friday, already anticipating an excellent weekend. Many more came on Saturday, giving a total of nearly 60 people at this occasion! These attendees turned out to be an incredible group of young naturists that just radiated good spirit and positive energy throughout the weekend.
Our festivities started Saturday morning. While some went directly for a skinny dip in the lake, others chosen to extend their muscles in a morning naked yoga session directed by Beth Nolan. Such a vibrant, refreshing way to practice yoga! After yoga everyone crowded the bungalow veranda for a BBQ lunch to meet and greet awesome friends.
Then the day was a pleasure variety of tasks from volleyball to tennis to swimming and raft games to merely soaking up the sunshine at the water’s edge.
Pilin’ into Big Burtha at the Young Adult Nudist Gathering
Along with all these tasks, there were 2 screenings of the indie hit Act Naturally. The first was indoors, and the 2nd took place outside where the audience watched on a enjoyable night under the stars. Gotta love summer.
And the night didn’t end there – it went on with a large bonfire and roasted marshmallows. And that howling you heard..no, it wasn’t the wolves, just some adventuresome folk dressed simply in radiant naked body paint, out for a late night hike!
(I expect to add more images here soon!)
Young Naturists Assembly – Rock Lodge
One of many howling painted nudie hikers! 😉
***PS. You guys are the greatest 🙂 Much love, FKK***
Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Writer of Nudist Site. Co-founder of Naturist Portal. 3rd-generation nudie. Avid reader. Feminist. When I’m not active eating, I’m writing about nudism, censorship, topfree equality, body image and other fun topics. I like feedback, so plz leave a comment when you have got something to say!

Recap of Our FKK Upstate NY Gathering at Bare Lake Nudist Club

Our Bare Lake Assembly
Bare Lake – This past weekend, we drove a few hours out of town into the quiet countryside of upstate New York. We were headed to the FKK Upstate NY Summer Party at Bare Lake Nudist Club. Last year was a bit different, as Steve and Susanne hosted a FKK party at their goat cheese farm.
Some of you may not know Bare Lake, as it really is a pretty recent addition to the nudist club scene. Right now it is an unofficial, contribution-based private naturist club situated on 32 acres near Corning, NY. Owners Aric and Colleen have been developing their land to create a small nudie haven. At the centre is a pond bordered by green grass and trees for shade. Beyond this pond place we’re surrounded by woods and fields of wheat. Just across from your pond is a clubhouse with a full kitchen and veranda where they prepared our meals. A flat grassy area nearby is reserved for parking and tenting. In addition they have trailers and additional beds in the clubhouse for overnight stays.
A rocky road leads up to their primary house where they have a hot tub and game room with a pool table and karaoke. That is where they have hosted some little indoor naked parties in the wintertime. Next to the hot tub they are presently doing construction to include an indoor pool.
Jordan brought his fly fishing gear, so many had a good time learning how to fly fish in a pond teeming with sunnies, bass, trout as well as some giant catfish.
teen naturist videos in all it was a nice, relaxing weekend with good friends, good food and getting back to nature. Take a look at our pic gallery below!
Expect to see everyone at the next FKK Upstate NY shindig – a meetup at the Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven.
Learn more about Bare Lake at http://www.barelakenudistclub.com/.
Appearing to touch base with more upstate nudies? Contact Steve & Susanne to join their secret Facebook group: FKKupstateny [at] gmail.com

Being youthful and running around naked and free

Guest Blog by: George S Mycroft
Running around nude and free as kid:
At one time in my own life, I used to live in a gatehouse cottage attached to the stables and outbuildings of an old grain mill situated in the rolling dales of the East Riding of Yorkshire, in England.
The factory had long since stopped its honest trade, had fallen into disuse, and had then been converted into a private house, owned by a neighborhood surgeon of some repute as I remember.
His wife was an artist and, at her behest, a studio with big northlights were adapted in part of the structure.
It was no windmill, though, but a water mill, and its new owners had kept the mill race as a distinctive and enjoyable feature, flowing alongside and then under their new dwelling.
Running around Naked and Free in the Gardens
Below the house, with its becurtained french windows gazing blankly over the formal gardens nearby, the diverted waters fell in a merry cascade under the balustrade of a patio, into a holding pond surrounded by yards, before meandering their way back to their mother-flow, the nearby river.
The whole house and gardens lay quietly by the end of a long drive between some fields and, although situated on the outskirts of a little market town whose modern, developing housing estates had encroached to the edge of its domain, it still kept the quiet and privacy that was much beloved by the wildlife of the area.
The river formed one edge to the entire property, with wild, unkempt and often waterlogged land beyond. Wild rabbits, ducks, hedgehogs and the occasional fox seen and enjoyed those green yards of the old mill, skirting their way around the ever-present earthen domes of molehills, which lay like brown, bulging pustules on the lawns’ overgrown faces.
The house, after I lived there, was empty – sold on to an area hotelier and publican who thought to eventually renovate the property and live in it himself.
It was old now and in need of some tender, loving care; a slightly careworn house with drooping, decaying outbuildings and an old fashioned, draughty cottage which we hence leased for click .
On the other hand, having less human habitation had let nature to re-colonise the area, as she always does.
It was a quiet, happy, tranquil, secret spot then and an absolute delight to dwell alongside – which fairly compensated for the cottage’s less-than-ideal interior and draughty doors and windows. Moving in during late winter, those arctic jets were all too quickly detected and endured, but the coming of springtime brought undreamed of joy.
The dawning day and the birds’ morning chorus used to wake me early. Slipping nude from beneath warm and snuggly sheets and blankets, the night-chilled atmosphere of your house nipped every tactile point on my air-clad skin and heralded a speedy awakening!
Moving silently downstairs, missing those unavoidable squeaky steps, I padded barefoot through the family room, smelling http://troyxxx.com/tube/nudist/junior-nudist.php from yesterday evening’s open fire. A speedy double-creak of the wooden back door and I stood naked at the outer limits of what became a most memorable and gratifying, routine experience.
My first task was to silently stand and utilize all my senses to consume every facet of the new day. I listened intently, discovering distant noises from houses and roads close by, but divorced from this secret world, for they were as though intruding from another measurement. They simply impinged on one’s aural senses.
Subsequently that delightful, damp, almost-fecund smell of newly dawning day.
I breathed it in deeply and savored its musty flavors its earthiness, feeling its chill floods into my welcoming lungs.
Fully alarmed to my environment, I then trotted forwards towards the old factory, reveling in my own physical liberty and my nakedness in the cool air, sensing the small pebbles of the driveway on the balls of my feet sending sharp reminders of my barefooted-ness rocketing to my brain.
My eyes scanned the driveway as I moved forward, alert for any signs of unwanted business on the driveway to the home, an early morning walker perchance, who might see me moving pink-skinned and clothes-free away from the cottage.
Reaching the security of the hedgerow at the far side of the drive, my feet encountered the wet grass of the garden path — and I was off!!
It was quite a large garden, mainly laid out to yard, open and broad and uncut, and it was here, unseen by the external world, that I ran in utter and entire naked freedom as fast as my legs would carry me, feeling the cool earth pounding beneath my feet and the dripping droplets of heel-kicked dew hitting my bare buttocks and coursing their way down my backside and legs.
I ran and I ran and I ran, the chill atmosphere now floods into my gasping lungs, legs flashing freely, over the ornamental bridge at the far end of the holding pond, past the trees and out of sight of the home, in my own very own green-and-silver, flashing world, until I espied the end of the garden and, with a mental cry of utter pleasure, I threw myself length-ways into that dew-bedecked, grassy heaven and rolled over and over and over in sheer carnal delight until I was saturated, spent, chilled and joyfully happy.
It was absolute and complete sense, a total aliveness; pure, delightful, enveloping, sensory contact — and, god, it felt good!!
Memories Of Being Young Naked and Free was published by – Young Naturists and Nudists America
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Guest blogs written exclusively for Naturist Portal.

My research led me to discover that so many clubs had restrictive rules for individuals. They were not accepting people’s self-expression and the clubs had this new untrusting approach. Naturists, I thought, are assumed to see the body as innocent, but these just discovered rules say otherwise.

I found it so upsetting that the club would bar entrance to men and women that had nipple piercings, but permitted earrings. As if to say – you are welcome here so long as you behave like you’ve certainly no sexual parts (kind of like those old ASA nudist magazines where they’d cloud out the genitals and made the people seem less human and more foreign).
I determined to see if matters could be altered. At time, I was an associate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). Long story short, I got no replies.
At precisely the same time, I detected a shift in society at large. The web had spawned off http://rudenudist.com/tube/how-did-i-come-to-be-a-nudist/ to link and communicate. But as it became easier to connect, a growing number of people were becoming more judgmental and far more crucial.
So I reached out to Felicity, whom I ‘d met at Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ. After passing her mother’s vigorous 2 hour investigation I got her acceptance to contain her in this new venture that is Naturist Portal.
Growing up in a clothing-optional, nonjudgmental household provides you with a far different outlook on life and human interaction.
FKK is a social acceptance movement and NOT merely a nudist focused organization. The naturist movement has a lot of issues now and is nowhere near as worth-driven as what it used to be (at least how I remember it). FKK is here to educate the general public about a vast bulk of societal problems that many may not really realize exist.
Body Image Problems – We feel the naturist movement can and should do way more to address body image problems today. FKK has released a short ton of articles about http://nudenudist.com/tube/i-would-have-been-about-15-16-years-old-at-the-time/ and probably more in the last 4 years than all the other primary naturist organizations joined.
Sexuality – Sex and sexuality shouldn’t be a source of shame. Yet most of the nudist clubs and organizations will go out of their way to deter such discussions. Since mainstream society behaves in very similar manner, we use our system to describe and educate people about sex and sexuality problems.
Societal Approval – Naturist clubs and organizations say they boost acceptance but they really send combined massages when they discriminate against genders (mainly single men but even single women, also), freedom of self expression (such as for example nipple piercings) and so forth. We are encouraging clubs to change their policies and happen to be severing relationships with those that do not.
Censorship – Statues are being removed from public view, artwork is still being censored, musicians are being arrested (Andy Golub is a great example) and the female nipple is deemed evil and has become a symbol of our spiritual worth driven and patriarchal society. Felicity herself was arrested for being top free during an entirely legal art performance in NYC’s Wall Street.
Legal Problems – America has, you might say, found a war against the naturist community. Naked beaches are shutting and more laws is becoming passed that hinders our ability to practice and appreciate our way of life. By publishing, encouraging and educating the public when such issues arise, we’re helping open people’s eyes to such problems. We also help NAC (the only real legal maven as it pertains to legislation) raise their reach and recognition (we also support folks to give to NAC as they are over worked and much too under financed).
Felicity and I are always engaging with mainstream America.
Right now, we have to work other jobs in order to keep FKK going. We rely on our members to help us finance this enterprise. But too a lot of people, while they do support what we do, don’t see worth in helping us keep the lights on.

I was blessed to attend the

memorial service. I wanted to
know the man who, though
we never met, had http://www.nudist-video.com

the untimely death of my wife
3 years ago, I joined TNS and
have got great comfort, support and endorsement in the
community. This has been instrumental in my grief recovery.
Lee’s work has given a voice to
my feelings when I didn’t understand
The best way to express myself. Thank
Fred Pings

I was saddened to hear of the recent passing
of Lee Baxandall. For many generations, Mr.
Baxandall was instrumental in boosting nudism, and opening up many venues for folks to
learn about nudism. His successful attempts have
given all of us the skill to enjoy naturism as a
part of our lifestyle.
Regular at Desert Sun Resort, we get the privilege of looking at the “Lee Baxandall Bridge”,
on February 13, 2003. This bridge proudly towers
over Indian Avenue and connects the Desert
Sun Resort to the DSIII condominiums on the
other side of the road. We’ll constantly
look at this bridge with great admiration
for all that Mr. Baxandall has done for the
naturist community. He’ll be missed quite
Elizabeth Young
Desert Sun Resort Palm Springs, California
40 | Nude & Natural 28.3

My remembrance of Lee is quite simple. Without him I Had have
When I first
became interested (in 1988) I was able to find in the Kansas City
library just THREE articles that dealt with naturism and naked
Diversion – two in a periodical called Parks and Recreation
One of these gave Lee’s name and The Naturist Society’s
address. Without this link I seriously doubt that I’d have
had the resources I needed to continue as an advocate. But
Lee made it clear from the outset that http://www.nudistclip.com was not alone.
He also was really good at recruiting individuals. He answered all
of my early questions with terse, to the point opinions and, at
one point published in “N” a rambling essay I Had truly thought
Just for a local club newsletter. Like it or not, from that stage on
I was committed (and hooked). The rest, for what it’s worth, is
I regret that Lee was not able to survive for a few more years.
With a more down-to-earth and hospitable administration in
Washington, I have the feeling that the pursuit for public access
and acceptance of nude recreation will make important gains.
will continue to be) the most important catalyst.

Lee and Mark Orpen in profound discussion.

Dave Bitters

Lots of time on the phone—no
e-mail in those days. Long letters
as well—not all were placed in
the file cabinet either. I don’t have any here—long
We were both a couple of bottles of wine into the
after-dinner hour when we came up with the thought
’83. That was the first year Lee went the Eastern
Naturist Gathering from June to August in order to
accommodate the boating event.
Early NAC/NEF board at Empire Haven.

I was also helping facilitate the Eastern Gathering
that year and couldn’t be in two places at the same time.
We didn’t always see eye to eye and had some heated dialogues – read volcanic – but
we always maintained our friendship and dedication to the cause of nudism.
In latter years we drifted apart as can happen over time, but that is natural progression. He
will be missed. At precisely the same time I believe everyone has faith in the leaders you’ve given us
in the ensuing years since he stepped down.
Spring 2009 | 41

ing “Closed with the Sun” when “Clothed
with the Sun” was spoken. Even after the
title was clarified, most folks however did not My sincere condolences to
Find the historical reference to the Dwelling the family of Lee Baxandall

Second, although TNS recognized
made a great contribution
that altering names and symbols is always a
High-risk move, it determined that a change would to many folks who were
offer the chance to to bolster the better capable to accept thembiological value of societal nudity by linking selves and their fellow humans
the words “nude” and “natural.” The words due to what he did.
are impartial regarding problems peripheral to
Nudism, and focus attention on two of
the core values of naturists: societal nudity
Jack Thro
and a sympathetic relationship to the natural ecosystem.

The awesome name accurately downplayed
any misperception that naturism was fearful of evoking a sun-related metaphor.
Just a sun-oriented action. After all, (Note the similar and later change from
Individuals can enjoy nudism inside, in the the “American Sunbathing Association”
shade, or at night; and with the mid-1980s to the “American Association for Nude