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The Narrative of my 1St Naked Party
In this day and cfnm beach pics , nudity is as common as cell phones, laptops, or its antithesis of clothing. Nudity and naturism for many, notably the young, is no big deal. Yet, nudity regularly strikes a different chord with those securely put in the “age of reason”.
My first encounter with social nudity was a few years after graduating from college. It happened unexpectedly as one would imagine with such a theme.
Everything started when a female friend from school contacted me about attending a Come as You Are bash. I’m always thinking about a good party so I inquired as to the theory of the motif. I was floored when she described that “come as you are” meant attending the celebration nude!
Now, some might believe that being male, I ‘d have jumped on the offer, but I was really rather undecided. I wondered what sort of folks would go to such a party. I pictured a party full of old naked hippies or exhibitionist, prancing around to music from Hair. Yet, I was also somewhat interesting.
I was flattered when my buddy disclosed that she’d thought of me because I was among the most open minded guys she understood. She also reassured me the group attending were anything but sleazy. I do not know if it was her faith in me or my own personal interest, but after a week of pondering, I relented.
Naked Party
Our naked party nighttime approached rapidly. Upon arriving, I was apprehensive, especially as I studied the room seeing largely naked masses of skin staring warmhearted and grinning at me. I was approached by the hostess who invited me to relax and offered me a cocktail, which I’m sorry to say fast turned into three.
My friend disappeared into the powder room leaving me to fend for myself. Eventually I joined in. I must confess that going bare in public is not that awful, albeit it was “uncomfortable” at first.
We did everything found in a traditional bash, we just did it in the nude. We danced, had some drinks, laughed and basically just had a good time (even though I was a little concerned for the furniture).
Ultimately, I found boynudism . I understood that in the grand scheme of things, clothing has nothing to do with human interaction. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun and liberation nonsexual societal nudity can be. Nonetheless, going bare in a people is an acquired taste. I am confident it becomes easier for some, yet, I don’t think I am quite there yet.

It will take me some time before I’m prepared to attend my next naked party 🙂
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