give up. That weekend, lesbian nudism organized for the children to spend the night with some
friends. Once they left the house, at 14:00, our strategy was to take off our
Garments and remain like that until the kids returned at 10:00 the next day. Because
we had a longer bare time ahead of us, and even at our most ardent knew we
could not make love for 20 hours, we were able to pace ourselves. We did some
laundry, watched a movie, read, and chatted. We went out to dinner wearing quite
loose clothing to keep the bare feeling. When we got , they came off
again. In the morning we cooked breakfast and read the Sunday paper.
That weekend experiment
was transforming. Suddenly clothes felt confining and restricting. I desired to
be bare, and I wanted to talk about it. Tony and I discussed our experience, but
we felt like the blind leading the blind. How did others feel? What were their
I detected an Internet
mailing list and signed up. I lurked for a week, then dived in with a question

about sunscreen. An excellent thing happened: I was welcomed to the group like a
special buddy. Suddenly I could ask all the questions I wanted and people would
Answer, honestly and completely. I started corresponding off-list with a few folks
who shared many of my ideas and questions. My naturist world had expanded from
my bedroom to my house and unexpectedly to the world. I went from knowing no nudists
to understanding hundreds. It was fantastic.
Meanwhile, Tony and I
continued to research our naked time together. We have an outdoor hot tub and
shower. Instead of jogging to get dressed after appearing from either one, we
would sit on the deck and let the air dry us. (A fence and trees supply
Solitude.) We began to eat dinner naked occasionally. I watched the entire NBA
playoffs sans clothes and not in the bedroom. I discovered NIFOC (nude in front
of the computer).
In June we went to Denver.
We made a deal that when we entered the hotel room, the clothes came off. What
to do on our one free day was quite important to us. We decided to visit
Mountain Air Ranch, a family nudist resort. How significant was nudism becoming to
me? I passed up a chance to see the Figure Skating Hall of Fame!
Everything I ‘d read was
true: going to Mountain Air I was nervous at first, but that quickly passed. No
one cared what we looked like or who we were, but everyone was friendly. In
minutes we felt relaxed and comfortable. When one guy talked about “us” as
nudists, I realized yes, I ‘m in this group. I am a naturist.
I began to consider nudism
as part of my life. I desired opportunities to be naked with others, and not only
on a trip. But how to handle nudism with my
daughter, 7, and son, 10? My first idea
was not to involve them. After Colorado, I recognized that was not realistic. To
be bare only when they were in bed or at friends’ houses wouldn’t be practical.
I also recognized that many of our activities are family activities. It would be
a striking change to get a baby sitter every time we needed to go to the beach!
Moreover, is not nudism assumed to be a family experience?
The solution came
naturally. Soon afterwards, we were all in the hot tub together, my husband
and I naked (which has always been our custom) but the kids in suits. My son was
fussing with a knot on the string of his suit, so I suggested he simply take it
off. He did, and my daughter shortly did the same. My son instantly realized how
Great it felt in the warm water without anything on. That led to a discussion of
being naked with others. Afterward we told them about our visit to Mountain Atmosphere. They
were both quite intrigued and suitably inquisitive. We showed them a pamphlet,
with graphics, and answered their questions. My son was quite interested in the
Notion of a club, wondering if there were any near us. So we showed him the
Pamphlet for Cedar Waters Village in Fresh Hampshire, about an hour from where we
are in Maine. Tony and I seen the area ourselves to check it out, then
returned about two weeks later with our kids. After that, my son told me
that he was proud of being a naturist. My daughter seems oblivious to the title
but enjoys the experience. I consistently get asked, “When can we go back to the
Skinny dipping place?”
So that’s how we went from
a clothed family to nudists. We each choose when and where we want to be nude. I
Frequently have dinner naked while my husband wears a T-shirt or is even fully
clothed. My daughter, a natural, is often nude around the house, while my
son is usually naked merely in the hot tub.
I am still surprised by
how much and how fast I’ve come. At first I was intrigued with the thought of a
Naked cruise or holiday–a once-a-year special event. After going to Mountain
Air, I understood that a little more often to be nude would be fine, but it was
still in the class of diversion. Now I understand I ‘ve a demand to be bare.
At times it’s a physical need, at times it is a tension reliever. Nudity with